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What is started today as a science fiction novel will be finished tomorrow as a reportage.

Arthur C. Clarke, English science fiction writer

People often like what they do.

We really love it.

And there is not much in between. Really good code, great APIs, using robust methods, highest quality of our services, being 10XFASTER - all built for customer centricity. That is our mission.

As a learning organism, we care about the climate in buildings, communities and therefore about our planet. As an essential resource we manage heating energy, water, security and comfort in an integrated global data cycle. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive lasting added value to meet their needs.


Giving up is not an option for us.

Get shit done!

We solve our customers' problems. Relentlessly. It's all about attitude and striving. We are hungry for something new and better to make a difference. We don't follow in big footsteps, we make them and think future.

For our mission we are looking for passionate change agents, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We are looking for you, istanaut! Apply with us and become part of our TecCrew.


As software crafters we understand our art. As cooks, we already see the new recipe in the ingredients.

We challenge the familiar, the common. Perspective.

From many opportunities we choose the right ones and say no to superfluous things. We solve problems worth to be solved. Focus.

With our passion we bring people and tools together, naturally. Perfection.

We are fellows and support each other. Commitment.

In our workshop, at our table, we welcome you and serve a lot of positive energy, with a sense of humor. Fun.

As pioneers, explorers, astronauts, artists, crafters, we move forward, do not stop. Courage.